Focus on worker safety


Recently we are focus on the workers' production safety, safety production training activities, the focus on creating the atmosphere of "care for life, pay attention to safety", closely around the theme of "comprehensive governance, security, combined with industry characteristics, the problems reflect on continuous improvement, self-inspection of introspection, rectification, popularize knowledge of the safety, emergency drills linkage response and training work as the key part of activities, to adopt flexible and varied forms to carry out" safety production training "activities.

We will thoroughly apply the Scientific Outlook on Development, adhere to the principle of safe development, adhere to the principle of "safety first, prevention first and comprehensive treatment", and vigorously publicize the principles, policies, laws and regulations on production safety. Strengthen the consciousness of all employees in production safety, conscientiously implement the rules and regulations of production safety, truly ensure that everyone observes the rules and laws, and create a good atmosphere of production safety that CARES for life, so as to achieve the goal of production safety and promote the stable, efficient and harmonious development of the enterprise. Strive for the company's safety work to a new level.


Safety training lecture


We had a safety training lecture for the whole factory workers in batches in order, so as to improve everyone's understanding of the importance of safety production in the training lecture, improve the awareness of safety production, correctly grasp the relationship between safety and development, safety and efficiency, and seek development on the basis of safety.

We will intensify publicity, education and training on production safety. To carry out all kinds of publicity and education of production safety in an in-depth and lasting way, it is necessary to focus on the publicity and education of policies on production safety and strive to improve the safety and professional knowledge of all station employees. Improve driver safety awareness. In reality, many accidents are caused by the lack of consciousness, which is supposed to be enough to cost people's lives. Vague preachings are no longer enough to wake people up, but vivid images can be memorable.

We will improve and strengthen safety inspection and supervision measures, strengthen inspections and supervision of work safety, and ensure that accidents are nipped in the bud, so that workers can be effectively protected.

Life is only once, it is impossible to start over, every time an accident, even if it is a small injury, is not responsible for their own.